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I love the Oscar’s, like the inauguration which I wrote about in another post; it is my Super Bowl!  I love the fashion wins and faux pas, the commentary from people with purple hair and the spectacle of the whole event.

According to Deadline it was watched by over 40.3 million people, which for companies trying to promote their product and brands is a great opportunity.  But with a 30 second advertising spot costing any where between $1.65 million and $1.8 million dollars, you have to shell out a lot of money OR you need really, really, really good product placement.

Well, Google has BOTH!

A woman named “Anne”, who later turns out to be Anne Wojcicki … who just happens to be married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was spotted wearing the new Google glasses to a pre-Oscar party!  Now, Sergey and crew probably thought of the marketing brilliance over a glass of wine and thought hmmmm, spend 1.8 million dollars to promote a product that isn’t quite ready for market yet OR send my wife to the party and have her sporting these new glasses for all the world, well at least the paparazzi to see and looky, looky … top page on my favorite Goss Site –


Google Promotes Google Glass at Oscars

Google Glass Image – Courtesy of

This new product, not quite out yet, allows you to bark orders and it will take pictures, give directions or record video … TMZ wondered how “Anne” got a hold of these spectacles and how she could so easily demonstrate them.  Well wonder no more, the lovely bride of Mr. Brin was part of a master product placement scheme – well done Google, Well DONE!

Read More about the Google Glasses on TMZ.


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  1. Carol Lee Collins says: March 14, 2013

    While the team at Lupo Solutions had a jump on the Google Glass story … it has been all the buzz on the Internet these days … check out this story from the Daily Finance
    or check out this video from SXSW .


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