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As a Twitter neophyte and one not yet convinced how I could possibly get my message across in 140 characters or less, I recently added a header to my twitter profile, it similar to Facebook’s and Google + Cover Photo.   It is quite easy, even for a novice user.

From your Profile Page (not home page), select Settings and Header, you can then choose an existing photo (or file) or take a photo using the camera function on your pc, ipad, phone, etc.  Twitter recommends dimensions of 1252×626 pixels and a maximum file size of 5 MB.

The header image appears behind your avitar and allows you to enter a location, a website and a bio 160 characters or less.   A few words of caution, having too much text in your bio can make the header and your profile look busy, also the print is white, so choosing a header that can show case and not compete or hide your bio is recommended.

Because the header is displayed behind the avitar, you need to give consideration to where the avitar will be displayed and whether it covers important elements of the header or in some cases conflicts with the header.

Here are two bad examples of using Twitter’s Header:

I have done a lot wrong here.  First I chose an image that while cute, has nothing to do with my company or the image I would like to project.  Second, my head is covering the monkey’s eye which is both distracting to the header image and the avitar.  Next, I have a very long quote, which only adds to the clutter.

In this next image, I have again chosen an image that does not represent my company or its products and services and my image is floating above the header as if about to catch fire.


In the latest version of the Lupo Solutions twitter page, I have done a few things that create a cohesive marketing message and while I keep going back and forth on my monochromatic theme, I am happy that I am using the colors as outlined in the style guide.  The “bio” is short and uses text from the website and the background is the same background used on power point presentations and proposals.

The best example of using a header and avitar is Ryan Seacrest’s twitter page where his team cleverly create an avitar that fits and highlights his image.


Thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcomed.  Also, would love feedback on whether I should use one of the brighter colors from the Lupo Solutions’ color palette or keep it monochrome?  Here is the color palette, but it can also be seen on







Carol Lee Collins is a published author and has written articles and blogs about a variety of subjects including SEO, loyalty marketing, content marketing and small business tips.

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