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No matter how large or small your company is, developing standards for email signatures is an important part of your company’s overall branding strategy.   No business should be without a professional and consistent email signature.   They serve as an effective tool to market and brand your business, but more importantly they make it easy for clients to reach you.

What to Include in Your Company’s eMail Signature

At a minimum, you should include your name, title, company name, business address (if you want to drive consumers to your business), phone number, fax (if you use one), company web address and social media account links.  The ideal signature is no more than four lines.

If you have a company slogan and your signature is no more than four lines, you can include your slogan in your signature.  Just remember to keep it simple.

What NOT to Include in your Company’s eMail Signature

Including quotes detract from the primary goals of adding an email signature, which is to help with branding and give recipients an easy way to contact you. Electric business card attachments (vcards) often require the recipient to receive and open an attachment, something very few will do.  Your company’s email correspondence should be professional and cohesive. Team members should not include too many personal elements such as pictures or nicknames.

Too many colors, fonts, and images are confusing and do not present a professional image.  If you keep it simple and focused, you will create a professional and effective email signature that is used by all team members.

Benefits of an eMail Signature

Not including an appropriate email signature company’s emails can cause frustration to your clients and potentially cost you their business. It is an annoying extra step for them to look you up to find the correct phone number or address to reach you. Avoid making them work for your information by including it in the signature.

You and your staff will save time by using a designated and preset email signature. Links to your social media accounts and website within your signature are effortless marketing tools will entice people to follow the links to learn more about your company.

Stylizing your Company’s eMail Signature

Select a sans serif font, in one color (I prefer black) and do not include too many colors or fonts. Colors and fonts can be more distracting than inviting.

Here is an example of a simple signature, it includes my name, title, company name, url, Facebook and Twitter links.  I don’t want to drive traffic to my office so you do not see my business address. I chose to include Facebook and Twitter images because they are recognizable and inviting to click on.  I did not choose to include the logo as it would add another unnecessary line to the signature.  Choosing a sans serif font such as Calibri, Arial, or Veranda in black font makes both your email and signature easier to read.

Keep it Consistent with Other Marketing Efforts

Emails are an extension of your branding efforts and should be developed with consideration to all your company’s marketing materials.  Fonts, colors, messaging, tone, and feel should match your online and print marketing collateral. Consistency is important because it confirms to clients they are looking at the same company they saw online or on a brochure.

Create Company Settings

Make it easy for your employees and team members to follow these guidelines.  All email services provide the ability to add a signature.  If you have an IT department or someone assigned to set up email accounts, they will be able to ensure cohesiveness and compliance with signature guidelines.

In Closing

Setting up email signatures and email guidelines will help create a professional, cohesive image and should part of your overall marketing and branding strategy.

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  1. Kenny says: November 29, 2012

    For signature i use Brandmymail ( ), which has full control over email signature and overall template :)

    • Carol Lee Collins says: November 30, 2012

      Thanks Kenny – Your product looked great and easy to use. Would love to get more information on your corporate products and will follow you on twitter. We are going to publish another article on emails and email protocol, but I believe that email is often a company’s first impression and if not professional, may also be its last.


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