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In August we decided to start a company that would allow me to write and open up potential consulting opportunities.  Over a glass of wine, we started to brain storm names.  What would we call this little company of ours … each time one of us would think of a name, the other would make a grimacing face and shake their heads, I was starting to think we would never select a name, Phil said “Shadow” … I thought, hmmm, yes we love Shadow; he is our American Cocker Spaniel registered with the AKC whose great grandfather competed in the Westminster dog show (or at least that is what we were told).

Since we weren’t really sure what exactly we were going to do with our company, we didn’t have to consider a name that embodies the values and goals of our company, but we knew we needed to think about characteristics, so we thought about the characteristics of Shadow.  He is black, smart and can be a bit wild …. a wild dog.  Well the seed for our name was planted, but it would take us a while to get to our ultimate decision because we were focusing on his name,  his color, when we somehow came back to the fact that he was wild, we have a wild dog .

So we named it Lupo Solutions after our wild dog as Lupo means wolf or wild dog in Italian.   The Italian connection comes for our beloved (and very missed friends Alex and Angelo).  Lupo, coincidently is the name of Kate Middleton’s black cocker spaniel puppy.

So while we didn’t follow the golden rule of choosing a name that outlines our company and its services, unless we of course are marketing to wild Italian dogs, (which is a thought), we chose a name that is near and dear to our hearts and so begins the start of something wild ……..













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